Sadhana of Mahamudra ~ Practiced monthly on New Moons ~ Open to All

February 3rd—December 22nd

The Sadhana of Mahamudra is recited regularly–near the evening of the new moon–as a potent means of overcoming obstacles in one's life and practice. Continue »

Ashe Society (restricted practice)

September 18th—December 18th

Practice restricted to graduates of Warrior's Assembly Continue »

Deepening in Compassion ~ Part 4 ~ The Skillful Dragon: Lojong & Compassionate Engagement

October 20th—January 19th (2020)

A twice-monthly Shambhala Online Series with live talks by Shambhala Acharyas on Sunday mornings. Continue »

Being "On the Dot" ~ Winter Meditation Intensive - Mini Retreat (Part 1)

with Acharya Susan Chapman

December 14th—December 15th

The first of a two-part winter practice intensive--offered as two weekend programs spanning the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. IMPORTANT! Registration DEADLINE was Monday, December 9th. Registration is now closed Continue »

The Bodhisattva Vow

with Jenny Warwick

January 9th—February 6th (2020)

What does it mean--to aspire to be a bodhisattva? A Thursday Evening Class with Jenny Warwick, delving into the path of a bodhisattva, and what it means to take such a vow. For anyone who has taken their Refuge Vow. Continue »

Being "On the Dot" ~ Winter Meditation Intensive: A Mini-Retreat for Busy Folks! (Part 2)

with Acharya Susan Chapman

January 11th—January 12th (2020)

The second of a two-part winter practice intensive--offered as two weekend programs spanning the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Continue »

Ikebana, the Path of Flowers

with Charles Coghlan

January 18th—March 21st (2020)

Ikebana is a truly delightful journey. You are invited to join us for one or all of these monthly classes. Continue »

Sunday Afternoon Film Series: Babette's Feast

January 19th (2020)

Join us on Sunday January 19th at 3:30pm to watch this movie classic. Continue »

"The Birth of the Warrior" ~ Shambhala Weekend 2

with Greg Heffron

January 24th—January 26th (2020)

When we really try to make a connection with the practice of meditation, obstacles arise. How do we work with and through these difficulties--how do we bear them? Continue »

How We Communicate Matters - Mindful Communication for Effective, Kind and Vibrant Communities

with Greg Heffron

February 1st—February 2nd (2020)

Based on the work presented in Acharya Susan Gillis Chapman’s The Five Keys to Mindful Communication, this workshop will unravel some of these basic misunderstandings and offer us methods to reconnect first with ourselves, and then to those in our communi Continue »

Refuge and Bodhisattva Vow Ceremony

with Acharya Richard John

February 10th (2020)

The taking of the Refuge Vow marks one's commitment to the Buddhist path. The taking of the Bodhisattiva Vow is a deepening commitment to work on behalf of relieving the suffering of all sentient beings. Continue »

MAMOS CHANTS ~ Fresh Start for the Year of the Iron Mouse ~ 10-Evenings Chanting Practice

February 13th—February 22nd (2020)

A traditional Tibetan Buddhist chanting practice done in the ten-day period before the beginning of the Tibetan Lunar New Year. Continue »

Shambhala Day Celebration

February 24th (2020)

Join us for our annual celebration of the Tibetan New Year ~ the first day of the Year of the Iron Mouse! Continue »