Community Events

Community Events

Shambhala Sadhana ~ Practiced monthly on Full Moons ~ Open to All

March 31st—February 19th (2019)

We offer our monthly chanting practice on (or near) the evening of the full moon for the entire Shambhala community. Continue »

~ Monday Night Open House Talk ~ Creating Enlightened Bellingham ~ The Out/In Strategy

with Craig Smith

April 23rd

Craig will share a model of magnetizing Bellinghamsters to the Shambhala Community. Come join the discussion! Continue »

~ Monday Night Open House Talk ~ Housing in Bellingham with Dean Fearing

April 30th

Dean Fearing, Executive Director of the Kulshan Community Land Trust, will speak to us on housing in Bellingham. Come join the conversation! Continue »

~ Monday Night Open House Talk ~ RELATIONAL MEDITATION: How Meeting Our Own Mind Allows Us to Meet Others

with Greg Heffron

May 7th

How can sitting on the cushion help us to become more aware of and sensitive to our interconnectedness with others? Continue »

THE POWER OF PEACEMAKING: Cutting Aggression in a Challenging World

with Greg Heffron

May 12th—May 13th

"The Power of Peacemaking” weekend will explore the four ways that aggressive speech escalates into conflict, and how to bring greater openness and gentleness to our relationships and communities. Continue »