Moon Groups

From the Tibetan Buddhist iconography comes the “Moon of Compassion”. In the Bellingham Shambhala Center we have small community groups known as “Moon Groups”. These are more intimate gatherings developed out of a mutual interest in exploring and discussing the teachings. Because they are small and informal, the approach is less top-down, and more about creating community. Through meeting together, the aspiration is not only to study and discuss the dharma, but to get to know one another better, socialize and support each other over an extended period of time.
Check the Monthly Calendar for when a group is meeting or with the group’s coordinator listed under each heading below.

Women in Buddhism

The Women in Buddhism group stems from our mutual interest in the feminine experience as practitioners. At the gatherings various readings of and about women in Buddhism are presented. Our discussions blend the presented material with our own personal experience.
We meet every two weeks on Fridays.
Contact Sandra Harper 360-920-4292 (voice/ text) or for dates and location.

Buddhism 101

Buddhism 101 is exploring the fundamental teachings of the Buddha that are basically consistent across the various traditions of Buddhism. We will be using the 4 Noble Truths as an outline to touch on the expansive wisdom teachings that have been passed down for generations.
If you are interested in the Buddhism 101 group please contact: Jason Ruvelson