Dharma Dot Com Podcast Group

December 20th

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    Room: Main Shrineroom

    Dharma Dot Com is a gathering time and place where we’ll get
    together to discuss on-line dharma talks we’ve listened to at home.

    At bi-weekly gatherings, we’ll share our reactions based upon our
    personal experiences.

    Through group-selected teachings, we’ll get to know each other better.

    Listen. Respond. Repeat.

    Email Lynn to receive upcoming podcast links.


    Thursday December 20th • 7pm • Shambhala Meditation Center

    The Noble Journey From Fear to Fearlessness • Pema Chödrön • 50 minutes

    Moving from fear to fearlessness is a journey from narrowness to openness.
    We gradually become more adaptable and much more able to stay open and attentive to whaever might arise, without centralizing into a self. Join us to discuss this journey.

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    Dharma Dot Com is one of the Moon Groups.

    Moon Groups are small groups which come together around topics of mutual interest. Through these gatherings we aspire to build community from the “ground up”, using dharma study and discussion as a reason to get together, and a vehicle to get to know one another better.