CONFIDENCE BEYOND CONCEPT ~ A Weekend of Mudra Space Awareness

with Greg Heffron, Craig Smith, Vicky Moyle

November 25th—November 26th (2017)

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Room: Main Shrineroom

"Mindfulness" doesn't mean anything without embodiment. What are we mindful of? The Buddha's first 'foundation' for mindfulness was our body. The unique Shambhala discipline of Mudra Space Awareness challenges us to see that even 'highly trained' people aren't often willing to relate in a raw way with sensory experience. Instead of relating to our actual body, we tend towards what Chogyam Trungpa called "psychosomatic body" -- where we think about our bodily experience, rather than actually feeling embodied. This process is one of the main ways we disconnect from experience and lose our innate confidence.

Mudra Space Awareness is a powerful mind-body meditative discipline unique to the Shambhala lineage, and is rarely taught or practiced. While rooted in ancient Tibetan yogic practices, mudra is shockingly devoid of religiosity. It is direct, requiring no particular approach beyond curiosity and a willingness to find out what is hidden inside our momentary experience of the body and its perceptions — especially our perception of fear and anxiety.

This workshop will introduce Mudra to those not familiar, and deepen it for those that are. Note that Mudra Space Awareness is entirely distinct from Maitri Space Awareness. The two disciplines are not directly connected in their practice or presentation.

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Greg Heffron MFA owns and manages Green Zone Institute where he teaches Mindful Communication with author and Buddhist teacher Susan Gillis Chapman MA. He has been a mindfulness meditation teacher in the Shambhala Lineage since 2005. In 2005, he apprenticed with Craig Smith and become authorized to teach Mudra Space Awareness. In 2007, Smith and Heffron taught this practice in a workshop for fouth-year students in the Dance Division at The Juilliard School in New York City. His background is in creative writing, having earned an MFA in Nonfiction Creative Writing from the University of Iowa 2003.

Craig Warren Smith is director and founder of Mudra Institute. Craig is a longtime teacher of Buddhism and one of Trungpa Rinpoche’s early students. He first taught Mudra at Naropa Institute in 1974 and contemplated Mudra applications as a professor of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and as an advisor to United Nations, Microsoft, Intel and health care institutions.

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