OPEN HOUSE TALK - What is Mindful Communication?

with Greg Heffron

November 18th (2013)

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Room: Main Shrineroom
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The term "Mindful Communication" speaks to the reality of "unmindful communication," the patterns which arise out of our fear that our relationships aren't fundamentally helpful or good. Out of this fear, we "tune out" what is happening as it happens, or bury our true feelings in "toxic opinions." These habits of not paying attention to how we interact with others leaves us stressed, frustrated, resentful, isolated and exhausted. How can we extricate ourselves from these patterns? This talk will introduce helpful models from Mindful Communication and serve as an introduction to the weekend program Nov 23-24th

This interview with teacher Greg Heffron from winter 2013 talks about the natural way we open to communication, and how we end up shutting down.