Ongoing Offerings

Our center offers a rich array of weekly ongoing offerings free to the public. No prior meditation experience required to attend. Most programs offer meditation instruction upon request. All are welcome.

Open Public Sitting Hours

Monday Evenings

First time instruction: 7:00 pm (in smaller Shrine Room-Zijiling )

Meditation: 7-7:45 pm (in Main Shrine Room)

Tea: 7:45-8 pm

Open house talk and/or discussion (if listed): 8-9pm

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

Meditation: 7-8 am

 Thursday Evenings

Meditation: 6-7 pm

Classes (when offered): 7-9 pm

Find how to get to our Shambhala Center:

We’re located directly across from Haggens grocery story on Meridian St., on the 2nd floor.



Introduction to Meditation ~ Shambhala Weekend 1 ~ THE ART OF BEING HUMAN

with Sarah Addison

October 20th—October 21st

A Friday evening and one-day retreat of inspiration and meditation practice, and an introduction to Shambhala Buddhism. Continue »


with Craig Smith

October 23rd

Join us for an exploration and inspiration into creating enlightened society! Continue »

CONFIDENCE BEYOND CONCEPT ~ A Weekend of Mudra Space Awareness

with Greg Heffron, Craig Smith, Vicky Moyle-Assistant

November 25th—November 26th

Mudra Space Awareness is a powerful mind-body meditative discipline transmitted by Chogyam Trungpa and is unique to the Shambhala lineage--rarely taught or practiced. Continue »

RELAXED BODY, OPEN MIND ~ QiGong and Meditation Retreat (Weekthün)

with Shastri Trinley Busby & Michael Busby

December 26th—January 2nd (2018)

QiGong and Meditation Weekthün! Week-long city non-residential city group retreat at the Bellingham Shambhala Center. Continue »

Shambhala Weekend Level 2 ~ THE BIRTH OF THE WARRIOR

with Shastri Joachim Sehrbrock

January 12th—January 14th (2018)

Meditation allows us to observe how we create a cocoon of habits to mask our fears. We begin to appreciate that there is no fundamental obstacle to experiencing basic goodness. Prerequisite: Shambhala Training Level I. Continue »