Ongoing Offerings

Our center offers a rich array of weekly ongoing offerings free to the public. No prior meditation experience required to attend. Most programs offer meditation instruction upon request. All are welcome.

Open Public Sitting Hours

Monday Evenings

First time instruction: 7:00 pm (in smaller Shrine Room-Zijiling )

Meditation: 7-7:45 pm (in Main Shrine Room)

Tea: 7:45-8 pm

Open house talk and/or discussion (if listed): 8-9pm

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

Meditation: 7-8 am

 Thursday Evenings

Meditation: 6-7 pm

Classes (when offered): 7-9 pm

Find how to get to our Shambhala Center:

We’re located directly across from Haggens grocery story on Meridian St., on the 2nd floor.



Maitri Bhavana Practice

February 26th—December 31st

Maitri Bhavana, offered on the last Sunday of the month, is the practice of expanding loving-kindness without limits--cultivating our compassion through taking on the sense of suffering of others. Continue »

Thursday Night Class ~ Nikaya Buddhism: The First Teachings of the Buddha

with Shastri Jason Ruvelson

August 10th—September 21st

The Nikaya Teachings comprise the collection of early teachings of the Buddha in the Pali Canon. Also referred to as the Hinayana teachings, these form the foundation of all Buddhist lineages. Continue »

Monday Night Open House Talk ~ NOT LEADING, NOR FOLLOWING

with Craig Warren Smith, PhD

August 21st

The notion of neither leading nor following is a guiding principle to experiencing an awake life of compassion--that is non-aggressive, yet confident. Continue »

EMBODIED MEDITATION ~ A Mudra Space Awareness 4-Hour Mini-Intensive

with Craig Warren Smith, PhD

September 16th

A 4-hour training that will provide an overview of physical postures, sensory awareness, movement exercises, and principles that define the practice of Mudra Space Awareness. Continue »

HARVEST OF PEACE Annual Celebration

with Everybody

September 23rd

Save the date! Stay tuned for details on our annual Harvest of Peace celebration! Continue »